Criminal Justice

  • Should prostitution be completely decriminalized?

    Prostitution has been a polarizing debate for long, with both sides disagreeing to a varying degree on whether it is better to continue criminalizing sex work or instead decriminalize it altogether.

  • Should we end the war on drugs?

    With roots in President Nixon's 1970s era drug policies, "the war on drugs" has faced new questions over whether increasing prison sentences is the best way to stop illegal drug use, distribution and trade.

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?

    With global trends since World War II abolishing the death penalty in most countries, an ongoing debate in the U.S. questions whether capital punishment is justified for very serious crimes or whether a death sentence in inherently inhumane and immoral.

  • Should qualified immunity be abolished?

    After a series of high-profile police brutality incidents, questions emerged about the judicial doctrine of qualified immunity and how it protects police officers from lawsuits.

  • Should the police be de-funded?

    Following George Floyd's death and the rise of the #blacklivesmatter movement, America began debating whether removing police department funding altogether is a viable way to enact systemic change.