Most Popular Video Game Console by State

Which video game consoles do Americans love the most? Wisevoter delved in to each one by state to analyze the favorite by state! Check out the report below

The gaming industry saw a spike during the Pandemic as users were buying more gaming consoles sitting at home. The industry saw an increase of 26%, however the recent numbers suggest there will be a decline in sales of gaming consoles in 2022. The decline is predicted to be around 1.2%.

The map above showcases favorite video game consoles by state. Xbox One seems to be the nations favorite by coming out on top in 22 states followed by PS5 winning 11 states and Nintendo Switch being the top favorite for 8 states.

The sales chart below shows the increase in units sold during the holiday season, mostly in November and December. We are likely to see this spike again during the holiday season this month and December due to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas holidays but will it match up to the sales from last year? That’s a question we are waiting to answer.

Top 5 Video Game Console by State