Favorite Music by State

As festive season arrives, Wisevoter delved in to the genres American’s will be grooving to this fall and winter. The results show Americans have two top choices, check out below for more information.

Favorite Music Genre by State

Favorite Music Artist by State

Americans love for music has seen changes over the decades from Rock being at top to Rap now leading the nation. Wisevoter delved in to America’s favorite genre and artist by state and the results show Americans are divided.

Rap came out on top by winning in 23 states but Country is just behind by topping in 22 states as a favorite. So the battle for music genre seems to be tough between the two. Rock still saw some favorites coming out on top in 5 states while Pop music seems to be in the top 5 for most states. Some other popular choices that didn’t came out on top yet made it to the top per state were hip hop, EDM and R&B.

While American’s are divided amongst top 2 genres, the Artists seem to on a similar pattern. We wrap up this year with some amazing albums and hits, American’s chose their favorites when it came to Youtube searches for the year. The states are divided amongst Taylor Swifts, Bad Bunny and Drake. Taylor however takes the number one spot by winning top in 20 states while Drake and Bad Bunny seem to be tied at 15 each.

Top 5 Favorite Music Genre by State