Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox (R) is the 18th and current governor of the state of Utah and also served as the lieutenant governor of the state from 2013 to 2021.


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service dates

January 4, 2021 - Present



Personal Moments


Born in Fairview, Utah

On July 11, 1975, Spencer Cox is born in Fairview, Utah, where he spends his entire childhood and much of his adulthood.


Embarks on a mission to Mexico

As a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Cox puts his education on hold and goes on a mission with his church to Mexico, where he serves for two years.


Marries Abby Palmer

Upon his return from the Mexico mission, Cox marries Abby Palmer, his high school sweetheart.


Graduates from Utah State

After receiving his associate’s degree from Snow College, Cox attends and graduates from Utah State University with his wife and obtains a bachelor’s degree in political science.


Graduates from law school

Cox graduates from Washington and Lee University Law School in 2001 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Campaign History


Elected to first public office

Marking the start of his political career, Cox is elected as a city councilor in his hometown of Fairview, Utah.


Becomes Mayor of Fairview

After one year on the city council, Fairview’s citizens elect Cox to be their mayor.


Elected county commissioner

In 2008, Spencer Cox is elected commissioner of Sanpete County, where Fairview is located.


Elected to a full term as lieutenant governor

After being selected by Governor Herbert to take over the lieutenant governor position in the middle of a term, Cox wins re-election to his first full term as lieutenant governor.


Wins governor race

Defeating his Democratic opponent Chris Peterson, Cox becomes the governor-elect of Utah.

Position on Key Issues

Mental Health

Utah has one of the country’s highest suicide rates, and Governor Cox has been outspoken about his mission to address this problem. Cox initiated the Live On program to address mental health issues and to provide funding for resources and education geared toward suicide prevention.


Hailing from a rural state, Cox has made agriculture a priority during his administration. He has called for funding for rural infrastructure improvements and appointed a senior advisor of rural affairs to his cabinet, a position that did not previously exist.

charter schools

Governor Cox has argued strongly for education reform, hoping to reduce teacher abandonment of the profession. He has called for more equitable funding for all school districts in the state and more support for teachers.

Key Issues:

Mental Health