Maura Healey

Maura Healey (D) is the 73rd governor of Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Democratic Party


Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund

SEIU Local 509





service dates

January 2023 – Present



Personal Moments


Graduation from Harvard University

Healey earned her bachelor's degree in government from Harvard University.


Admission to the Massachusetts Bar

Healey was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and began her career as a litigator.


Prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office

Healey began working as a prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office of Massachusetts, focusing on fraud and public corruption cases.


Election as Attorney General

Healey was elected as the Attorney General of Massachusetts, becoming the first openly gay attorney general in the United States.

Campaign History


Campaign for Attorney General

Healey announced her candidacy for Attorney General of Massachusetts and won the Democratic primary and general election.


Re-election as Attorney General

Healey was re-elected as Attorney General of Massachusetts, defeating Republican candidate Jay McMahon.


Campaign for Governor

Healey made a run for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2022 election and won the election.

Position on Key Issues

Climate Change and Clean Energy

Healey has been a strong advocate for addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions in Massachusetts. She has worked to promote clean energy and expand renewable energy sources in the state, and has taken legal action against fossil fuel companies for their role in contributing to climate change.

Affordable and Abundant Housing

Healey has been a vocal supporter of increasing affordable housing options in Massachusetts. She has worked to hold landlords accountable for unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, and has advocated for more funding for affordable housing programs.

High-Quality Education

Healey has emphasized the importance of providing high-quality education to all students in Massachusetts. She has worked to address inequities in the state's education system and promote access to early childhood education and vocational training programs.

Key Issues:

Climate Change and Clean Energy

Affordable and Abundant Housing

High-Quality Education