Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro (D) is the 48th governor of Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania State Education Association

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO





service dates

January 17, 2023 - Present



Personal Moments


Shapiro’s grandfather dies

Shapiro's grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor, passed away. This event had a profound impact on Shapiro and inspired him to become an advocate for justice and human rights.


Earns his bachelor’s degree

Shapiro graduates from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics.


Josh and Lori get married

Shapiro marries his wife, Lori. They have four children together.


Shapiro gets his law degree

Shapiro graduates from Georgetown University Law Center with a Juris Doctor degree.

Campaign History


Enters the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Shapiro was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 153rd district.


Elected Montgomery County Commissioner

Shapiro served as a Montgomery County commissioner from 2011 to 2017.


Elected Pennsylvania Attorney General

Shapiro was elected as the Pennsylvania Attorney General, defeating his Republican opponent by a wide margin. He served as Attorney General of Pennsylvania from 2017 to 2023.


Becomes Governor of Pennsylvania

Shapiro announced his candidacy for the Governor of Pennsylvania and won the election in November 2022, defeating the incumbent Republican governor.

Position on Key Issues

Education Development

Governor Shapiro believes that education is the key to building a better future for Pennsylvania. He has proposed initiatives to improve access to quality education for all, including increasing funding for public schools, investing in early childhood education, and providing more support for teachers. He has also emphasized the importance of workforce development programs to prepare Pennsylvanians for the jobs of the future.


Governor Shapiro has made healthcare a priority of his administration. He has proposed initiatives to lower the cost of healthcare and expand access to quality care for all Pennsylvanians, including measures to improve mental health services and combat the opioid epidemic. He has also been a vocal supporter of reproductive rights and has taken steps to protect access to abortion services in the state.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Governor Shapiro is committed to promoting economic growth and job creation in Pennsylvania. He has proposed initiatives to attract new businesses to the state, invest in infrastructure, and support small businesses and entrepreneurs. He has also emphasized the importance of protecting workers' rights and ensuring that all Pennsylvanians have access to good-paying jobs and a fair and equitable workplace.

Key Issues:

Education Development


Economic Growth and Job Creation