John Bel Edwards

John Bel Edwards (D) is a military man and former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives who is currently serving as the 56th governor of Louisiana.


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service dates

January 11, 2016 - Present



Personal Moments


John Bel Edwards is born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

He is born to Dora Jean Miller and Frank M. Edwards, Jr. who was the Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish.


Edwards graduates from West Point

He earns a bachelor’s degree in engineering from West Point where he was on the Dean’s List.


Edwards gets married

He and his wife, Donna Hutto, go on to have two daughters and a son.


Edwards begins a career in law

After receiving a Juris Doctor from the Louisiana State University’s law school, Edwards starts his legal career.


One of John’s brothers dies

Christopher Edwards died in a car crash when his vehicle veered into oncoming traffic.


Governor Edwards pardons Homer Plessy

Plessy was the plaintiff in the 1896 U.S. Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson which upheld segregation laws.

Campaign History


John Bel Edwards is elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives

He won every parish in the district in the general election runoff.


Representative Edwards is reelected

He chaired the Louisiana House Democratic Caucus, making him the House Minority Leader.


John Bel Edwards is elected as Louisiana’s governor

Edwards defeats his opponent David Vitter (R) with 56.1% of the vote.


Governor Edwards is reelected

He defeats Republican nominee Eddie Rispone and is reelected to a second term.

Position on Key Issues

Climate Change

Governor John Edwards believes that climate change is an immediate emergency. His Climate Initiatives Task Force unanimously approved the state’s first-ever Climate Action plan, which aims to have the state’s net carbon emissions at zero by 2050.


John Edwards believes that healthcare should be accessible to all, but he believes that abortion access should be heavily regulated, if not outlawed. In 2016, he enacted a Medicaid expansion which cut the number of Louisianans without medical insurance in half, and he has signed legislation banning abortion past six weeks of pregnancy.

Criminal Justice

One of Governor Edwards’ top priorities is to implement comprehensive criminal justice reform. In response to the mass incarceration of non-violent offenders that occurred in the preceding decades, the Governor supports legislation that specifically targets recidivism and invests in victim services and treatment programs.

Key Issues:

Climate Change


Criminal Justice