Jim Justice

James Conley Justice II (R) is the 36th Governor of West Virginia and the heir to Bluestone Industries, a business formerly run by his father.


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West Virginia Coal Association

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West Virginia

service dates

January 16, 2017- Present



Personal Moments


Justice is born

James Conley Justice II is born on April 27 in Charleston, West Virginia, to Ruth and James Conley Justice I.


Justice graduates from University

Justice attends Marshall University and graduates with a bachelor’s degree and Masters of Business Administration.


Justice gets married

Justice marries his high school sweetheart, Cathy, and the couple has two children: James “Jay” Conley Justice III and Dr. Jill Justice.


Justice starts his family farm

Justice founds “Justice Family Farms” in Monroe County, West Virginia, which has grown into a major agricultural enterprise.


Justice inherits the family business

After the passing of his father, Justice becomes the CEO of Bluestone Industries and Bluestone Coal Corporation.


Justice is the wealthiest person in West Virginia

With a net worth of $1.2 billion, Justice is the wealthiest person in West Virginia.

Campaign History


Justice begins his bid for the governorship

Justice announces his campaign for governor of West Virginia as a Democrat.


Justice wins the governorship

Justice defeats Republican candidate Bill Cole in the West Virginia general election.


Justice announces re-election campaign for governor

Justice ran for another term as governor of West Virginia, this time as a Republican.


West Virginia re-elects Justice as governor

Justice won the state general election against Democratic candidate Ben Salango.

Position on Key Issues

The Coal Industry

Working in the coal business for years, Justice says an active coal industry is vital to a community’s perseverance, particularly in rural areas. Since 2015, the governor has involved himself in efforts to maintain existing coal mines and jobs, and has signed reforms that prohibit protests targeting oil and gas facilities.

Economic Development

Justice believes new businesses bring innovation and generate needed revenue. For the last two years, the governor has committed to supporting corporate-oriented policies that appeal to companies, specifically within the coal industry. In addition, Governor Justice aims at improving state revenue by raising sales taxes while opposing budget cuts.

Opioid Crisis

Justice is concerned with the effects of the opioid crisis on communities and has made it a priority to find solutions to this health crisis. The governor has favored initiatives to improve responses to intervention strategies for chronic substance abusers. Governor Justice has also supported measures that stop the flow of drugs and reduce fatal overdoses.

Key Issues:

The Coal Industry

Economic Development

Opioid Crisis