Henry McMaster

Henry McMaster (R) is the 117th governor of South Carolina state, with an extensive history in politics.


Columbia Rotary Club

Saint Andrews Society

First Presbyterian Church of Columbia

Palmetto Health Foundation Board




South Carolina

service dates

January 24, 2017 - Present



Personal Moments


Henry Dargan McMaster was born in Columbia, South Carolina

Born on May 27, 1947, he is the eldest son of John Gregg and Ida Dargan McMaster.


Henry McMaster obtains a bachelor degree in history

While an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina, he was a member of Kappa Alpha Order and the South Carolina Student Legislature.


McMaster is admitted to the Richland County Bar Association of the South Carolina Bar

After graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law earlier that year, he was admitted to his county’s bar association.


Henry gets married

He and his wife, Peggy McMaster, had two children together.


McMaster is accused of campaign finance violation

On January 6th, the Ethics Commission of South Carolina accused him of accepting more than $50,000 over the state limit for campaign donations. He was ordered to repay the contributions and fined.

Campaign History


Henry McMaster runs for the United States Senate

While he won the Republican primary, he lost the general election to four-term Democratic incumbent Ernest Hollings.


McMaster runs for lieutenant governor of South Carolina

Again, he won the Republican primary but lost the general election to the Democratic incumbent.


Henry is elected chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party

He was elected on May 8, 1993, and reelected by the State Republican Convention in 1996, 1998, and 2000.


McMaster becomes the 50th attorney general of South Carolina

He won the race for attorney general of the state and was reelected in 2006, running unopposed.


McMaster runs for governor, but loses primary

Finishing third in the Republican Primary, he was unable to secure the nomination bid.


Henry becomes the lieutenant governor of South Carolina

On November 14, 2014, he was elected as the lieutenant governor of South Carolina.


Henry McMaster wins reelection as Governor of South Carolina

After assuming office as governor in 2017, he was reelected to serve his first four-year term.


McMaster secures Republican nomination for governor and wins general election

He secured the nomination in the June 14th primary and ran against Democratic nominee Joe Cunningham in the general election. McMaster won the popular vote by 58.1%.

Position on Key Issues

Climate Change

Governor Henry McMaster hasn’t made climate change one of his top concerns, but he has pushed for the protection of South Carolina’s tourism industry from offshore drilling.


In regards to healthcare, McMaster believes in state sovereignty. The removal of anti-free market mandates, the facilitation of greater access to healthcare in rural areas, and the fighting of the opioid epidemic are all initiatives that he supports.

Social Security

One of Henry McMaster’s main priorities is the financial protection of first responders, law enforcement, and veterans. He has pushed for pay increases, retention bonuses, and exemptions on retirement income for society’s most integral members.

Key Issues:

Climate Change


Social Security