Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom (D) is the 40th governor of California, as well as the former mayor of San Francisco (2004-2011) and the former lieutenant governor of California (2011-2019).


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service dates

January 7, 2019 - Present



Personal Moments


Gavin Newsom earns his Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Newsom graduates from Santa Clara University, receiving a degree in political science before returning to San Francisco.


Newsom founds PlumpJack Associates L.P.

Along with several investors, Newsom founds the company that would eventually turn into a multi-million dollar business empire.


Newsom is appointed to the San Francisco Parking and Traffic Commission

Newsom begins his political career with his appointment to the commission by San Francisco mayor Willie Brown.


Newsom is appointed to the San Francisco board of supervisors

Newsom becomes the youngest member of the board, and serves on the board for seven years.


Newsom sells off part of PlumpJack Associates L.P.

In preparation for his bid for mayor of San Francisco, Newsom sells off the portion of the company located within the city.

Campaign History


Newsom is elected as mayor of San Francisco

Newsom defeats Matt Gonzalez (G) to become the youngest mayor of San Francisco in a century, earning 53% of the vote.


Newsom is re-elected as mayor of San Francisco

Newsom wins in a landslide victory to be re-elected as mayor of San Francisco, earning 72% of the vote.


Newsom is elected as lieutenant governor of California

After dropping out of the race for governor, Newsom runs for lieutenant governor instead and wins the election.


Newsom is re-elected as lieutenant governor of California

Newsom defeats Ron Nehring (R) to be re-elected as lieutenant governor, receiving 57.2% of the vote.


Newsom is elected as governor of California

Newsom defeats John H. Cox (R) and becomes governor of California.


Newsom is re-elected as governor of California

Winning the gubernatorial election, Governor Newsom is re-elected for another term.

Position on Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Newsom’s criminal justice platform focuses on rehabilitation over punishment and has already declared a moratorium on capital punishment in the state. He supports an approach of clemency and pardons towards certain types of people, particularly immigrants and drug users. He has also supported initiatives on police reform in an effort to change police training to take a less violent approach in certain situations.

Gun Control

Newsom’s gun control platform focuses on finding a balance between 2nd Amendment rights and reducing gun violence, particularly mass shootings. He has supported initiatives to tighten access to certain types of guns through more intensive background checks. He has also supported bills that would restrict certain classifications of guns available on the commercial market, particularly assault weapons.

Climate Change

Newsom’s climate change platform focuses on slowly shifting to renewable resources. He has used the rising intensity of California wildfires in recent years to highlight the urgency of the issue and has supported initiatives that would impose restrictions on fossil fuel extraction and accelerate the state’s transition to clean energy and carbon neutrality.

Key Issues:

Criminal Justice

Gun Control

Climate Change