Kate Brown

Katherine Brown (D) is the 38th governor of Oregon. She served in the Oregonian congress – three terms as a state representative and three terms as state senator – and is a former Oregon Secretary of State.


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service dates

February 18, 2015 - Present



Personal Moments


Kate Brown is born in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain

Brown, the eldest of four, was born in Spain while her father was serving in the United States Air Force.


Brown starts studying at the University of Boulder Colorado

After graduating high school, Brown started an undergraduate degree majoring in environmental studies.


Graduates from Lewis & Clark College Law School

Brown earns her Juris Doctor and a certificate in environmental law.


Brown gets married

Kate Brown marries Dan Little, who has two children from a previous marriage.


Faced major backlash

Brown facilitated meetings with major Oregon-based companies like Nike to discuss the holding of legislation that would limit reductions in tax breaks, supposedly in exchange for financial support.

Campaign History


Elected to Oregon House of Representatives

Brown wins her first election by a mere 7 votes. She was re-elected into this office twice.


Elected Oregon State Senator

Brown was elected to represent the 7th district after obtaining over 72 percent of the vote. She was re-elected twice and became Senate Democratic Leader in 1998.


Elected Oregon Secretary of State

Brown defeats Rick Dancer (R) 51 to 45.8 percent. She was re-elected in 2012.


Elected Governor of Oregon

In a special election following her predecessor’s resignation, Brown won her bid for governor by 7 points. She still holds this office, but cannot run again in 2022 due to term limits.

Position on Key Issues

Voter Rights

For Brown, access to the ballot box is a fundamental right that leads to a more equitable, just, and fair world. She has passed legislation to make voting more accessible, for example by making registering to vote simpler and by providing free postage on all ballots.

Climate Change

Brown is worried that the impact of climate change will lead to more natural disasters. She has supported legislation to reduce emissions, increase access to clean energy, and boost energy efficiency programs.


She has invested in programs that help children and their parents before they start school and in early learning education systems, in addition to introducing a state grant to help young people pay for community college.

Key Issues:

Voter Rights

Climate Change