Doug Ducey

Doug Ducey (R) is the 23rd governor of Arizona and the Chair of the Republican Governors Association, as well as the former Arizona state treasurer (2011-2015).


Americans for Prosperity

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Arizona Police Association

National Border Patrol Council





service dates

January 5, 2015 - Present



Personal Moments


Born in Toledo, Ohio

Ducey is born to Madeline Scott and Douglas Roscoe.


Graduates from Arizona State University

Ducey earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and begins a sales and marketing career at Procter & Gamble.


Ducey is named CEO of Cold Stone Creamery

Ducey takes on the role of CEO at Cold Stone Creamery, where he worked until the sale of the company in 2007.


Ducey becomes chairman of the board at iMemories

Ducey becomes iMemories’ lead investor and serves as chairman of the board until 2012.

Campaign History


Elected as state treasurer of Arizona

Ducey enters politics, replacing Dean Martin (R) as state treasurer, serving for 4 years.


Elected as governor of Arizona

Ducey defeats Fred DuVal (D) to become governor of Arizona, receiving 53.4% of the vote.


Ducey is re-elected as governor of Arizona

Ducey defeats David Garcia (D) to maintain his position as governor of Arizona, receiving 56% of the vote.


Ducey is elected as chair of the Republican Governors Association

Ducey is selected by other Republican governors in the Association to become the chair of the association.


Ducey is no longer governor

Ducey is term-limited and cannot be elected to a third term. He is replaced by the Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.

Position on Key Issues

charter schools
Education Funding

Ducey supports increased education funding and investment in public education. He is in favor of increasing teachers’ salaries and funding for school counselors. Ducey also supports other education-based initiatives including increased civics education, school vouchers, and a push to return to in-person learning after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Modernization of the Economy and Job Creation

Ducey’s primary goal regarding the economy has been its modernization. He aims at ensuring that government regulations do not mitigate innovation, and adds support to small businesses and start-up companies. Most recently, he has largely focused his attention on job creation and post-COVID-19 economic recovery, including supporting grants for the struggling tourism industry.

Fiscal Responsibility

Ducey has made it a primary focus to reduce the state budget deficit and balance the budget. He has focused on reducing spending where possible and paying down state debt. Ducey has prioritized the fiscal responsibility of bills and investments when deciding which ones to support.

Key Issues:

Education Funding

Modernization of the Economy and Job Creation

Fiscal Responsibility