Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker (R) is a businessman and politician with a background in healthcare management who is currently serving as the governor of Massachusetts.


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service dates

January 8, 2015 - Present



Personal Moments


Charles Duane Baker Jr. is born in Elmira, New York

The fourth generation in his family to bear the forename Charles, he was born into a prominent political family.


Charlie Baker gets married

He and his wife, Lauren Cardy Schadt, live in Swampscott, Massachusetts with their three children.


Baker’s son is accused of sexual assault

Responding to questions surrounding the incident, he stated that his son would fully cooperate with an independent review of the matter.


Governor Baker speaks on Roe v. Wade

After a draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked, he said the overturning of Roe v. Wade would be a “massive setback” for women, and later signed an executive order protecting abortion rights in Massachusetts once the precedent was overturned.

Campaign History


Baker runs for the board of selectmen of Swampscott, Massachusetts

After winning and serving on the board for three years, Baker decides not to run for reelection in 2007.


Charlie Baker loses the gubernatorial race

He lost to incumbent governor Deval Patrick with 42% of the vote.


Baker is elected as governor of Massachusetts

He defeated Democratic nominee Martha Coakley with 48.5% of the vote.


Governor Baker is reelected

Despite his high approval ratings, he has announced that he will not seek reelection in 2022.


No longer governor

Not seeking reelection, the governorship for Massachusetts goes to Maura Healey, who wins 63.1% of the popular vote.

Position on Key Issues

Economic Development

Downtown and regional economic development are one of Governor Baker’s priorities. He advocates for measures that would allow small businesses to become more competitive, specifically focusing on cutting down taxes and doubling the Earned Income Tax Credit.


Governor Charlie Baker believes that people deserve access to affordable healthcare. He supports the funding of healthcare research and the protection of abortion services, but his lack of transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic has been scrutinized.

charter schools

Charlie Baker has made strengthening funding for education a priority during his tenure as governor. He signed budgets investing in K-12 education and technical schools as well as supported measures that would upgrade vocational and technical schools’ equipment. Governor Baker has also made efforts to improve access to college by increasing funding for community college scholarships.

Key Issues:

Economic Development